Labrador Rescue was the first rescue just for Labradors, founded by Mrs. Jamie Lee-Judson in 1976.


The aim of the rescue is to find a loving home for your Labrador.

Labradors are re-homed for various reasons, just to name a few, no time to look after them, family commitments, work, moving, ill health..

When offering a new home, please remember and ask yourself some of the following questions, is a Labrador suitable for your lifestyle, do you have time to exercise and train it, are you patient, flexible, it could have health or behavioural problems. What sex, colour, age you require, there are more dogs wanting homes than bitches.

All homes are carefully vetted.

If you have a Labrador that must be re-homed, we would like you to give us as much information about them as possible, this helps find the right home for them,

We would ask for their vaccination records. Most important you will be asked to sign a Transfer of Ownership form, which is legally binding saying you have given your Labrador to the rescue for re-homing.

When you adopt we ask for a donation, this helps with any vets fees, kennelling, and travel expences. Our volunteers give their time free, helping us find a suitable and loving home for your dog.

We offer an advice on any problems about Labradors, from buying a puppy to trying to help the owner keep the dog.


Mrs. Ann Latchford 01277 226587


We cover any area where help is required.